Trust Structure

Empower Multi Academy Trust was established on June 1, 2018, with six founding schools sharing a commitment to values-driven education centered on the wellbeing of children and staff. Within three months, our family expanded to include a seventh school, solidifying our foundation. Our trust is founded on the belief that collective effort yields greater achievements for our children, allowing us to shape a bespoke educational landscape aligned with our vision.

Empower Trust comprises a diverse network of church and community schools united in our dedication to delivering outstanding education to every child under our care. We advocate for engaging and inspirational learning experiences, fostering collaboration for school improvement and cultivating innovative teaching methods across our academies.

Our mission is to provide each child with an exceptional education, nurturing their social, moral, and academic growth. While we encourage collaboration to share best practices, we also celebrate the unique ethos and character of each school within our trust, preserving their individuality through collaboration with Local Governing Bodies.

Empower Trust encourages a culture of innovation and empowerment, empowering every member of the school community to contribute to the enhancement of learning experiences. As a part of this network, Shropshire Primary Partnership adds its unique expertise and collaborative spirit to our collective mission.