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The Shropshire Primary Partnership offers a range of courses aimed at continuous professional development (CPD) and Initial Teacher Training (ITT). Here are some highlights of their offerings:

  1. Initial Teacher Training (ITT): This high-quality program is designed to equip future educators with the necessary skills, knowledge, and confidence to inspire young learners. It is offered in collaboration with the University of Chester, ensuring rigorous standards and practical experience within local schools.
  2. Continuous Professional Development (CPD): The partnership provides numerous CPD opportunities for teachers to enhance their skills and knowledge. These courses aim to invigorate school communities and foster collaboration among educators.
  3. Leadership Support: There is a range of support available for both senior and subject leadership within schools. The Central Team and various schools within the partnership offer tailored support to meet individual leadership needs.
  4. Train to Teach: The “Train to Teach” program allows participants to train alongside experienced educators within the Shropshire Primary Partnership’s Lead School Partner initiative. This program is specifically focused on primary education and aims to develop high-caliber teaching professionals.
  5. Course Calendar: The partnership provides a detailed course calendar, outlining various training sessions and CPD opportunities available throughout the year.

For more detailed information and to view the specific courses and schedules, you can visit the Shropshire Primary Partnership’s courses page